Special Offers


All 25 Euro for 30 minute deals are upgradeable to

40 Euro for 60 min or

50 Euro for 90 min

Block Bookings

Book for 4 treatments and receive a 60 minute treatment of your choice for free


If you recommend a friend we will give you a 30 min treatment for free

Price list for treatments

Neck and shoulder Massage

One of the most relaxing treatments for headaches and shoulder tension.

25 Euro for 30 minutes

Knee and Ankle Massage

Think you need a knee operation?

Well worth a lymphatic drain first.

40 Euro for 60 minutes

Lower Back and hip Massage

 Hypertension in the hips and lower back which may also activate the sciatic nerves

25 Euro for 30 minutes

Hand / Foot Massage

Excruciating discomfort from just one of the 200,000 nerve endings per sole. 

25 Euro for 30 minutes 

Reiki Hands Off

 Stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities.

25 Euro per 30 mins 

Holistic Massage

Essential oil / Holistic massage for complete body, mind and soul bliss

50 Euro for 60 minutes

Specialised Treatments

Holistic Massage with Reiki

Empathic connection for relieving multiple pains. Using Reiki and massage

60 Euro for 60 Minutes

Reiki and Guided Meditation

Let me help you relax and be guided to your higher self for a journey within or out.

25 Euro for 30 mins

Sound Theraphy

You will be so relaxed receiving sound therapy and reiki. Magic may happen.

60 Euro for 90 minutes 

Feeling Pain and Tuning in to it

Understand the universal language of pain so your able to  submit and let go of pain.

30 Euro Per pain

Deep Relaxation

A complete unique throepy  with combined treatments to ensure full relaxation

60 Euro for 90mins


All four energy rays work together so negative energy has nowhere to "hide". 

100 Euro per treatment

custom therapy

Couples and groups

Become a channel of Reiki energy within your own group of friends.

30 Euro per person

Group Guided meditation

Bring your friends or Come meet others to meditate as a collective for a deeper connection.

20 Euro per person

Reiki in tuned

Feel Reiki Energy and work upon self with assistance for the morning. 

100 Euro

Reiki First Degree Attunement

Become Reiki Attuned to heal thy self. Includes 2 treatments 

150 Euro 

Reiki Second Degree

Become Reiki Attuned to remote heal others and become a Reiki practitioner

250 Euro

Reiki for your Pet

Every time you touch or stroke your pet it can carry your negative emotions.

40 Euro per Treatment