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What is money?


Money, An Energy Source

Why is it that some people can earn millions, end up in bankruptcy, and then start all over gaining back their millions again, while others struggle just to keep the status quo? Is it that some are just lucky? Is it that some are better educated? What is it that makes some of us rich and some of us poor? Is it that we all have a financial blueprint and some have a blueprint to be rich and some to be poor, and if so, can we change that blueprint? Money is a subject that stirs great feeling in all of us. Its uses can give us great happiness and joy, yet the lack of it can create feelings of fear, depression, and worthlessness. Money itself has no energy. It is a piece of paper or a piece of metal, but it is the energy behind money that creates so much happiness and so much sorrow. So why is it that some people are blessed to receive all that they need and want, and others are not? And some have much more than they need and are still not happy. It is all based on the energy of money and how each of us perceives and uses that energy. According to the laws of quantum physics everything around us is made up of energy. Your thoughts and desires are energy as well which can later manifest itself as reality depending on its strength. This means that your physical world is inevitably affected by your mental reality. Money is energy! And we can work with its energetic component directly. It’s pretty easy and effective to change the energy of your finances.This is not just a matter of changing your thoughts. Many manifestation techniques fail, because they rely solely on working with thoughts and emotions. But thinking, and the conscious mind, are but tiny fractions of reality. There are many more levels of existence that influence your finances.It’s almost impossible to detach on a conscious level, if you’re unaware of what you need to detach from! And that’s hardly ever obvious to the conscious mind.


My Money Energy Consciousness Is Positive

To say that money is not important or money doesn’t buy happiness is to be naive. Yes, money alone cannot buy true happiness, but in this world money can give us the freedom to live our lives as we please. It can give us security and tranquility of mind. It can provide us with experiences that we may not otherwise be able to have. Money is one of the energies through which we experience life with ease or with strife. The feelings of guilt, greed, and competition that often come with the striving for money are simply an attachment to the physical money itself and a misplaced interpretation or use of the energy. A desire for money for money’s sake, rather than for the good that it can bring forth, is an unhealthy attachment that can bring you lack and unhappiness. We were all born to be rich. There is an endless supply of money that we can all create and manifest in our lives if we learn to act and think in a way that vibrates with our natural ability to attract all that we desire.

Relation Between Energy and Money

In the process of wealth creation it is necessary to employ positive thinking. And even though you think about yourself as a rich person, and employ all affirmations possible, obstacles and incongruence may still negatively impact your financial situation. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the second part of The law of Attraction: how you feel about money, your emotional reaction to thoughts about receiving and having money, are sensed by your body, which is attracting and creating your current money situation. And this part of the Law of Attraction is more important to remember, because your body is the magnet that attracts your wealth. Here’s why: only 5% of your mind is conscious — this is the thinking mind that you use to create affirmations; 95% of your mind is subconscious — it holds past memories of money-related trauma, failures, and forms your core belief about money.

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