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Why am I who I am

Reiki and holistic therapist andy ainsworth

I never really noticed my healing gift although I used it without thinking from a very young age.  

I recall animals randomly came to me. I would feel heat coming from my hands as I touched them and never questioning or understanding why.


A few year ago i met Mark Penrose, Whom after a very long hand shake said "mmm, you could do with that back of yours fixing.."  

I had been suffering for 15 years following a motorbike crash. I had a slipped disc and dislocated pelvis problem. 

And this guy knew I had pain without being told?.

"Lets take a look" he said and put what seamed a red hot poker right on the spot that hurt. "just relax"He said as I was on my tiptoes with pain, However  I managed to  relax into the pain and begain to I felt a little faint and light headed.


I asked him how he knew and he said "I feel pain! As do you"

utterly speechless a few minutes later i ​shook his hand and left without any pain, 

Over the next few weeks I found myself still without any pain and thinking about the whole experience.

How did he do this? How did he know? What did he mean, I feel pain? ... Can I do this?

I spent quite a few hours with Mark Penrose asking questions and learning before i became a Attuned Reiki Seichem Master Teacher.

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